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Inauguration “La Coupole” -designed by RSA Cosmos: a fascinating show!

Worldwide, there are only a dozen or so 3D digital planetariums equipped with active stereoscopy, offering a perfect brightness and optimal quality of relief. The new planetarium of La Coupole (in Helfaut) belongs to this “small circle” thanks to the genius of RSA Cosmos.

This 15 meters planetarium was inaugurated lFriday, July 13 2012 and opened to the public the following Saturday morning.

He excited and impressed the officials who attended a quarter of an hour projection. “It’s hard to return to Earth,” commented Dominique Dupilet, President of the General Council of Pas de Calais. “La Coupole, center of history and memory, which annually hosts over 100,000 visitors on a regular basis, has added a planetarium to complete its attractiveness, renewing the interest of its patrons.”

Essential equipment for the “touristic dynamism” of the country of Saint-Omer, this planetarium allows La Coupole to recount the space race, “a tool to illustrate and inform, a tool for regional planning” continued Denis Robin, Prefect of Pas-de-Calais.

The true “father” of the center, Jean Walloon reiterated his happiness to see this bold, intelligent and sustainable project “finally achieved”. Quoting Paul Eluard, “a dream without stars is a lost dream”. J. Walloon has changed La Coupole into a place where you can “dream awake, dream amazed, dream every day.”