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GOTO – RSA Cosmos: First Hybrid planetarium presented in France:

RSA Cosmos and GOTO have joined their efforts to present a hybrid planetarium system at the APLF 2011 conference.

In the historical planetarium of Capelle La Grande (9m), RSA Cosmos has implemented a hybrid solution based on the optical projector Pandia made by GOTO company and the ISS 2C HD digital planetarium developed by RSA Cosmos.

The Pandia projector, latest product from the GOTO optical line, presents the most refined starry sky in its class. Combining Pandia with the ISS 2C HD allows us to show both systems in perfect synchronization without casting shadows onto the dome.

The presenter controls these two planetariums as if they are one!

As an example, with a single interface, the presenter can move diurnal motion on both systems simultaneously.
The beauty of Pandia’s starry sky combined with the versatility of the SkyExplorer V3 software allows one planetarium to have the best of both technologies.

For the majority of those who were attending the event, it was their first experience with a hybrid system. While answering questions, we taught them many of the features of our system. It was a very good opportunity for idea exchange and future outlook.

We thank all of the participants.