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First 3D in France! The planetarium of St Etienne

The Planetarium of St Etienne was opened in 1988.

Over the years, this planetarium with a 12m dome and 83 seats has always remained state of the art.

During more than twenty years, the staff has equipped their planetarium with our SN88 optical projector. A great innovation of it’s time.

In 2003, they became one of the first digital planetariums in the world with an installation of the 6C CRT In Space System solution. This solution allowed viewers to experience travel through the solar system in full color thanks to our software SkyExplorer V1.0.

In 2005 they migrated to our software SkyExplorer V2.0.

Today, in January 2012, they are proud to be the first 3D planetarium in France!

There are several different 3D technologies. St Etienne’s planetarium uses PASSIVE INFITEC technology.
The technology is called PASSIVE because two images are continuously projected on the dome of the planetarium. An image only visible to the right eye is projected by the first ring of six projectors, and an image only visible to the left eye by a second ring, also composed of six projectors.

INFITEC technology allows each eye to see only the image intended for it, thanks to a color filter integrated in the projectors and glasses.

This planetarium is a great example that RSA Cosmos is fully capable of implementing the latest technology in planetariums while also portraying the type of relationship that RSA Cosmos would like to create with all of it’s customers. By choosing RSA Cosmos, you will be creating a long-term relationship which allows your institution to evolve with technological advances.