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Epinal: capital of digital image

Since last February 15th, Epinal’s citizen can enjoy the brand new digital solution installed in their planetarium by RSA Cosmos. Made to replace the former opto-mechanial projector SN95, this brand new solution includes 12 JVC projectors DILA RS46 HD that allow a 4K resolution image with a high contrast and an excellent level of black. The use of a new solution of automatic calibration allows to grade 12 projectors in only 10 minutes !

After a month of work and the planetarium inauguration by the Mayor of the city Michel Heinrich, Jean-Pierre Moinaux Regional Advisor and Pierre Mutzenhardt President of l’université de Lorraine, the habitants of Epinal can now share the enthusiasm of Planetarium Director Didier Mathieu who said : « It’s fantastic, we enhance the nobility of a planetarium. The deepness of images is incredible ! »

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