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President's message

president's message 

Benjamin Cabut


Due to the history of our company, we are particularly committed to quality and realism of the night sky in our optical and digital solutions. Our team is technologically aware and constantly thinking about the best available projection solutions. In partnership with research centers, we integrate our simulations with the latest astronomical discoveries.

Every day is another opportunity for us to learn and see how our solutions will, tomorrow, help our users to create spectacular shows with strong scientific content.

Finally, our philosophy is to support you throughout the life of your planetarium, working on a long term customer relationship from your planetariums creation to your development strategy with the introduction of new technologies.

Together, we will ensure that your audience’s eyes will twinkle like the stars.


Benjamin Cabut

RSA Cosmos                                  

Our priority: your satisfaction and that of your audience:

  • Our first responsibility is to ensure the total reliability of our products
  • To give you excellent service and support
  • To make available to all, the wonderful world of astronomy and sciences
  • To offer to your audience an unforgettable experience and create vocations among the young